Vision & Mission

As a forward-thinking company, Touchstone Capital Management envisions a future where Japan's financial landscape undergoes a transformative shift from the traditional "savings" mindset to a more dynamic "investments“ approach, propelled by the recent deregulation measures taken by the Japanese government. We recognize the urgency and potential for this change as the current national deposit in Japan exceeds 1,000 trillion yen, an exorbitant amount of underutilized capital even on a global scale.

While government deregulation serves as the vital first step in making this shift possible, we believe the critical factor for further adopting this change is a support system that harnesses cutting-edge technology, including AI, blockchain and regulations. Japan is currently lagging in this field; however, Japan’s government is taking proactive measures to address this gap, particularly in the space of legal reform facilitating the digital securitization of financial assets.

December 2023 marked the dawn of a new era with the inception of the Private Trading System (PTS) named "START," paving the way for the secondary market of digital securities. As we eagerly anticipate the launch of an exchange in Tokyo during 2024, following the launch of the exchange in Osaka during December 2023, we envision a future where seamless transactions, from issuance, management and secondary circulation of digital securities are facilitated on a single, integrated platform.

We firmly believe that success lies in the strategic and simplified construction of a comprehensive system, harnessing the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies. With this vision, we are committed to establishing a strategic real estate business unit that redefines traditional practices. Our focus will span acquisition, advisory, asset management, development, and renovation of both domestic and overseas real estate properties.

Backed by a proven track record and the unwavering trust of overseas investors, we are confident in our ability to significantly contribute to the revitalization of Japan's real estate landscape.