Declaration of Elimination of Underground Forces

The Company does not have any ties to any underground forces and makes the following six declarations to maintain the society’s trust in the Company.

1.The Company will take measures to deter to any unreasonable requests from any underground forces.

2.The Company will establish close relationships with the police, Centers for the Elimination of Boryokudan, attorneys and other outside experts in anticipation of any unreasonable requests by underground forces.

3.The Company will not enter into any ties with underground forces. In addition, the Company will not respond to any unreasonable requests by the underground forces.

4.The Company shall take legal actions against any underground forces from both criminal and civil perspectives.

5.The Company will not enter into any private deals with underground forces even if to silence any threats against alleged inappropriate behavior during the company’s operations or by its employees.

6.The Company will never provide funds to underground forces.