Areas of Expertise


1. Our Track Record

Real Estate Investment Management

We provide world-class services to institutional investors

Touchstone Capital Management provides separate account real estate investment management services to Japanese and foreign institutional investors. Separate account investment allows our individual investor clients to make more aggressive investment decisions, achieving sound risk management and value creation by capitalizing on our expertise and skills.

Touchstone’s mission is to do everything we can to help our clients achieve their investment aims. We discern investment targets that match the investors’ guidelines and provide satisfactory and comprehensive services through to the ultimate exit when the client exits from the investment in the future. We adequately explain the differences between business customs as well as the legal systems in Japan and elsewhere, and ensure transparency in transactions that are free from conflicts of interest. We make sure that the barriers and risks specific to Japan that many overseas investors encounter are not issues for our clients.

Touchstone’s investment management team applies its knowledge and skills to provide strategic, effective services that paint a true picture of the ever-changing Japanese market. Please visit our Portfolio page to see some of the assets we are managing.

Financial Advisory

Investment Banking

  • Origination: Access to various market-leading business opportunities and industry-specific information
  • Thorough analysis and underwriting: Introduction of professional and controlled methods of evaluation
  • Reliable transaction execution: Closing ability underpinned by a track record over $9 billion in transactions

Structured Finance

  • A wealth of experience and expertise in structured finance
  • Thorough analysis of risk evaluation and risk reduction methods
  • Investment restructuring and debt/equity arrangement

Corporate advisory, M&A, consulting

  • Solution-building specific to individual needs
  • Balance sheet restructuring and risk management
  • Strategic cross-border consulting
  • Cross-border small-cap M&A advisory

2. Our Differences

World-Class Services

Touchstone’s bilingual team of experts provides services that exceed the demands of global institutional investors considering investment in Japan. Each team member has cross-cultural work experience along with solid cross-border investment track-records. Furthermore, our portfolio reporting is done in English and is based on global standards to satisfy each international institutional investor.


As an independent investment manager, we are structured to eliminate conflicts of interest. Touchstone is committed to maintaining an objective perspective with only the interest of customers at heart.

Fiscal Health

Touchstone, unlike many of our competitors, does not “same boat” invest with investors. Our focus is exclusively on gaining the trust of our clients by focusing on maximizing our ability to provide optimal investment management.

3. Our Compliance

Compliance at Touchstone means that our officers and employees respect all laws and regulations in their day-to-day work.
We promote a thorough compliance awareness in business through our compliance policy that includes regular training to raise officer and employee understanding of laws and regulations.