Management & Advisory Roles

Touchstone’s Three Major Business Domains

Touchstone’s three major business domains are investment management, asset management and advisory. The services we offer are based on continuous analysis and understanding of global macro trends. All around the world, markets are increasingly integrating and the Japanese real estate market is no exception.

Investment Management

Touchstone begins with macro-level discussion such as forecasts on the Japanese economy and characteristics of Japan’s real estate market to help overseas institutional investors drill down into specifics such as the supply and demand balance of a certain asset class in the submarket in which a target property is located. We offer the ingredients for investment decision-making by providing due diligence on target properties, investigating details such as rights ownership, building and land conditions, conformity to relevant laws and life-cycle cost estimates while also considering estimated rent, vacancy rate, cash flow and the suitability of exit strategies based on market reports. Furthermore, we also propose investment structures, arrange finance and support the formation of necessary capital structures in our capacity as real estate finance experts.

Asset Management

Touchstone formulates feasible and rational investment business plans based on due diligence and market reports. We aim to achieve stable property management as quickly as possible by improving NOI through various measures including utilizing capable leasing managers to raise the occupancy of properties. We also offer investor reporting in both Japanese and English that bridges both the language gap and the cultural divide. Finally, we analyze the state of the real estate finance market to propose reliable strategies and execute the optimal exit strategy at the best time.


Touchstone offers advice and intermediation to investors inside and outside of Japan centering on cross-border real estate transactions. Our world-class advisory services have helped overseas investors Japanese properties and Japanese companies invest in U.S. real estate.