Touchstone Capital Management | CEO Welcome
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CEO Welcome

Message from the CEO

Touchstone Capital Management has offered various services to investors investing in Japanese real estate since our establishment and we also pioneered separate account investment management services for inbound investors in Japan.


On August 31, 2018, we become a wholly owned subsidiary of Danto Holdings Corporation (TSE First Section: 5337). As a member of the Danto Group we intend to offer even higher quality services that will lead to the creation of new value.


We work closely with our investor clients to develop and convey the right “investor” message for the Japanese real estate market and conversely accurately communicate the realities of this market to our clients. We also stay closely attuned to the market so that our services and information consistently reflect market realities.


The global economy recovered from the global financial crisis through a combination of diverse yet proactive monetary and fiscal policies of countries around the world with a dramatic increase in global investment and management capital. Emerging countries, including those in Asia, have also posted major economic growth, and have themselves begun to supply their own capital to the investment management market. Japan’s GPIF and Post Office have begun to proactively manage real estate and other assets. These market developments have in turn created a great need for Japanese real estate both domestically and abroad.


We endeavor to provide investors with timely and suitable services that accurately reflect the risk-return profile of individual properties to meet the diverse investment and management needs of our clientele.


Masato (Fred) Uruma

Representative Director, Chairman and CEO