Touchstone Capital Management | CEO Welcome
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CEO Welcome

Message from the CEO

Under the influence of the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19), people’s values and the structure of society and industry are about to change drastically. Touchstone Capital Management will accurately grasp the impact on the underlying cultural values and social norms; and propose investment strategies that anticipate structural changes in the real estate market in the future.

Touchstone Capital Management has offered various services to investors investing in Japanese real estate since our establishment, and we have pioneered separate account investment management services for inbound investors in Japan.


On August 31, 2018, we become a wholly owned subsidiary of Danto Holdings Corporation (TSE First Section: 5337). As a member of the Danto Group, we intend to grow and offer quality tailored services that will lead to the creation of new value.


In 2020, global economic activity stagnated due to the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Because of the oversea travel restrictions, it has prevented foreign investors to visit Japan, which caused a significant constraint in real estate investment business. On the other hand, quantitative monetary easing is progressing worldwide simultaneously, and a volume of investable funds seeking new investment opportunities is increasing rapidly. This market opportunity have in return, created a great need for Japanese real estate both domestically and abroad.


This coronavirus, an unprecedented infectious disease, has had a huge impact on people’s lifestyles, causing them to shift their working styles, and the way companies manage. Even after this disease subside, the world will unlikely return to how it used to be prior to the pandemic. Instead, a “new normal” life will be established; and that IT infrastructure will be playing an important part of our new life, as well as e-commerce needs will progress further.


Such changes in social structure will have an affection on the real estate investment management market. Henceforward, we will need to carefully observe and identify how the impact will appear, and what difference it will create between Japan and other countries. Touchstone Capital Management will continue to keep an eye on the paradigm shift of the global economy and accurately grasp the changes that will occur in the real estate investment market; and we endeavor to provide high-quality and transparent investment management services to truly meet the needs of our clients.


Masato (Fred) Uruma

Representative Director, Chairman and CEO