Touchstone Capital Management | CEO Welcome
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CEO Welcome

Message from the CEO

Touchstone Capital Management specializes in separate account investment management services for inbound investors of Japanese real estate. We work closely with our clients to develop and convey the right message to the market and in turn, communicate and explain the realities of the Japanese real estate market to our clients.


The Japanese market has evolved from being viewed as a predominantly opportunistic market to emerging as a major core real estate investment target for global investors. Every market is different and Japan is no exception. The market has its own peculiarities and real estate investment management in Japan may be one of the most labor-intensive among the developed economies. Despite that, opportunities exist and we strive to provide our clients with as accurate, clear and intelligible a picture of the market as possible.


Touchstone Capital Management is very passionate about providing excellent investment management services.

Masato (Fred) Uruma

Representative Director and President –
Representative Director, President & CEO of Touchstone Holdings Co., Ltd